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AMP1 - Nanotube 100


Four channels: ONE Clean Channel and THREE discreed Overdrive Channels.
Pure Analog 100 Watt
The Nanotube works in the output stage that gives AMP1 100 Watts of character, punch, and the assertiveness of a large 100-watt tube amp.
Boosts AMP1’s channels. The character is from transparent to creamy, with adjustable “intrinsic distortion”.
All channels (except Vintage) feature adjustable sound filters with which you can tune their tonal character individually. There’s also a volume controller for each channel.
AMP1’s digital reverb is modelled on a classic spring reverb.
Choose between SOFT, OFF or METAL modes.
The Effects Loop can be used in serial or parallel mode. The FX Loop Level can also be switched for stompboxes or studio effects.
You can connect to headphones or a mixing desk with this multifunctional port. An elaborate filter circuit simulates the authentic sounds of a genuine guitar amp cabinet.
It’s possible to use AMP1 just with headphones. Just don’t connect to a speaker.
Direct recording without speakers.
A modern switch-mode power supply constantly delivers the required operating voltage, regardless of network voltage.


REMOTE1 is designed to be a convenient foot controller for AMP1.
A second Master Volume is available through REMOTE1. This is activated by footswitch and controls a range of 10dB.
In connection with REMOTE1 or MIDI1 you can control VOLUME (CLEAN CHANNEL) and GAIN (OVERDRIVE CHANNELS) and save it for each preset separately.
AMP1’s PowerSoak works in a completely new and neutral-sounding way, without any power resistors that produce a lot of heat.
AMP1 can be controled with other MIDI controllers using the MIDI1 adapter interface.
To attach AMP1 magnetically to a pedalboard or cabinet.