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AMP1 - Nanotube 100

More sounds, more control – REMOTE1


Using the optional REMOTE1 foot pedal, all of AMP1’s functions can be directly selected via 9 switches and can be stored in 4 Banks (with 9 Presets each). Consistent with the Presets, REMOTE1’s MIDI out can be used to switch programmes on external MIDI-capable effect devices. Alternatively, the optional MIDI1 Adapter allows players to control AMP1 with any MIDI foot pedal. For players who want to integrate their favourite FX pedals into the AMP1 guitar system, the optional Looper-Kit extension (featuring four true bypass relay loops) is available, making tap dancing and sound loss on the pedalboard a thing of the past.

REMOTE1 is the convenient foot controller with direct access to all of AMP1’s functions, and it also offers the following extensions: a second switchable and adjustable Master Volume and an adjustable PowerSoak. REMOTE1 lets you directly select between the CLEAN, VINTAGE, CLASSIC and MODERN channels, as well enabling you to control BOOST, REVERB and FX-LOOP settings. In addition you can save VOLUME (CLEAN CHANNEL) and GAIN (OVERDRIVE CHANNELS) for each preset separately.A standard jack lead (guitar or speaker cable) connects REMOTE1 to AMP1, and also powers the unit simultaneously.

Selecting “Preset Mode” (the Mode Switch will go blue) turns AMP1 into a programmable guitar amp. Every selection made with the footswitch in Direct Access Mode can be saved in one of the 36 Presets in 4 Banks à 9 Presets. For example, you can save the same tones with different volumes and effects as rhythm and solo sounds.

PRESETS and switching external FX Presets with MIDI out: this makes AMP1 a programmable guitar system with MIDI. With each Preset, REMOTE1 sends a MIDI program change command via the MIDI-OUT port to switch external MIDI-enabled effects equipment. This way, with a simple press of the foot you can control all of AMP1’s functions and switch a MIDI effect to the desired Preset all at the same time.

Width: 410 mm (16.14")
Height: 70 mm (2.76")
Depth: 150 mm (5.91")

LOOPERKIT(optional extension module for connecting FX pedals)

Those who want to program their own favourite pedals with REMOTE1 to avoid any unnecessary tap dancing can use the LOOPERKIT, with its four true bypass mono relay loops. The true bypass connection guarantees an optimal signal quality. The four loops can be individually assigned to each Preset, allowing the connected FX to be combined with AMP1’s settings. The LOOPERKIT is screwed on to the side of REMOTE1, while the external pedals are cabled through a Breakout Box.

Dimensions Breakout Box:
Width: 105 mm (4.13")
Height: 30 mm (0.12")
Depth: 57 mm (2.24")
Cable length: 400 mm (15.75")

MIDI1- Integrate AMP1 into your Midi setup

If you want to use a MIDI system with a MIDI controller of your choice, you can operate AMP1 using the BluGuitar MIDI1 adapter. This turns the FOOT SWITCH socket on AMP1 into a MIDI IN socket. All of AMP1´s functions (Clean - Overdrive, Boost, Reverb and the choice of the three overdrive channels) can be accessed using MIDI programme switching. The MasterVolume, Gain/Clean Volume and PowerSoak can also be switched via MIDI.

The electronic interface is supported by AMP1. No additional cables or power supplies are required.

Every possible switching operation in AMP1 can be sourced using a MIDI Programm change signal. As a result, up to 128 presets are possible.

Allocation is run through AMP1´s MIDI-Learn function.